Knitting for Beginners – The Cable Cast On – a firmer cast on

Learn To Knit with Marjorie Ray

The Cable cast on is not too stretchy. It’s a sturdy and pretty cast on, good for beginners. It’s always been my favorite, especially for hats and cowls.

The Old Norwegian Cast On – a stretchier cast on

This takes time to get used to, but I love this cast on for sweaters.

How to Hold Yarn for Continental Knitting

How to Yarn Over (yo) in knitting

Perfect Sweater Seams

How to do a Stretchy Bind-Off

How to do a Provisional Crochet Cast-on

I like doing this for socks or mittens. Currently using it for Bernie’s Mittens pattern. (Free on Ravelry).

How to do a wrap and turn (w&t)

How to pick up wrap and turns

Sew over knitted stitches – Duplicate Stitch

Color Overlapping – Yarn Dyeing

How to Untangle a Skein when Dyeing Yarn

How to Roll Yarn Into a Ball FAST (using a hand mixer!)

How to Make a Face Mask

How to make a face mask by Deaconess Hospital for COVID-19

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